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Faculty Recommendation Form


Honors Thesis Program in Critical Writing

Department of English

University of Pennsylvania



Faculty Recommendations


To the Faculty Recommender:  Please return this form to the applicant in a sealed envelope, so that he or she may submit it with the application. 


To be filled out by the applicant:




Applicant’s Name:


Recommender’s Name:


Thesis Title:


To be filled out by the Faculty Recommender:


Please answer the following questions (use the back of the form if necessary)


How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?


What kind of work has the applicant completed thus far that would prepare him or her to write an honors thesis in the Penn English Department?


In your opinion, is the applicant able to research and write an honor thesis of approximately 25-30 written pages?


What reservations, if any, do you have about this applicant’s candidacy for the Honors Thesis Program?