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Davy Knittle

Davy Knittle



Fisher-Bennett Hall 235




Davy Knittle is a fourth-year doctoral candidate who works in the fields of feminist, queer, and trans theory, urban studies, and experimental American writing. His dissertation is entitled "Queer with the City: Desire and the Politics of Urban Transformation," and uses experimental works by queer and trans authors to read the history of revitalization and redevelopment in major American cities after urban renewal as co-constitutive of queer and trans conceptions of selfhood and space. He is the author of the chapbooks "empathy for cars / force of july" (horse less press 2016) and "cyclorama" (the operating system 2015). Recent writing has appeared in The Recluse, Sixth Finch, Fence, and The Brooklyn Rail. He is a reviews editor for Jacket2, curates the City Planning Poetics talk and reading series at the Kelly Writers House, and organizes with Penn's Trans Literacy Project



Courses Taught

fall 2018

ENGL 200.305 JRS Queer Urbanisms