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Graduate Student Travel Fund Policy

Current Travel & Entertainment Policy:

Please note: reimbursements from the funds listed below will count toward the fiscal year in which you submit the receipts for the trip in question. For example, if you take a trip at the end of fiscal year 2020 but submit receipts in FY 2021, that trip will count as your disbursement from the relevant fund for fiscal year 2021. The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Fiscal years bear the number of the calendar year in which they end (e.g., FY 2021 runs from July 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2021).

All travel reimbursements must be submitted within 182 days (6 months) of the ending date of a trip or event.  Failure to do so will result in the expense being declined for reimbursement.  We encourage you to submit your requests within 10 days of the ending date of the trip or event.


SASgov and Other Individual Sources of Funding

Important Note

All applications should be submitted at least 15 working days in advance of the event/ travel date(s).



SASgov Travel Grant

​This grant of up to $400 is designed to support a wide range of academic and professional travel.  Eligible travel includes:

  • Presentation or attendance at academic conferences
  • Participation in professional development workshops
  • Travel for academic job interviews, either at conferences or institutions, if not provided for by the potential employer

Applications are reviewed by the SASgov Finance Committee during our application windows.  Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis but are adjudicated and rewarded selectively. Applicants are only eligible for SASgov individual travel grant funding once every academic year.

​Only enrolled SAS graduate students are eligible for awards.  The maximum eligible award is $400 subject to other conditions of review and/or possible award.  Applications are subject to adjudication; awards are not guaranteed.  Submitted applications become the property of SASgov.


GAPSA Research Student Travel Fund

The GAPSA Research Student Council has some funds available to distribute as individual travel grants to help defray the cost of qualified travel expenses for doctoral students presenting their research at academic conferences and meetings.

  • Individuals presenting: max. $800
  • Individuals attending only: max. 50% of total cost or $500, whichever is less

Please note that you are only eligible to receive one GAPSA-administered award per academic semester, for a total of 2 such awards per academic year, which begins in the summer. Other restrictions may apply.

Contact Greg Callaghan, Chair for Research Students,


SAS Travel Subvention Request Fund

The travel grants awarded by the Graduate Dean covers up to $500 in expenses.  Funds may be used to cover any eligible travel expenses consistent with University policy.

  • Each student may apply for funding only once each year.
  • No student will receive more than $500.
  • Please plan accordingly, as the SAS Travel Subvention Form must be submitted to Barbara Baldwin-Mears over at SAS BEFORE the trip.
  • Your dissertation advisor or sponsoring faculty member must sign the application form.  After you receive approval from your faculty advisor, please submit the form to the Graduate Coordinator. They will get approval from the Graduate Chair.
  • After the trip, students must submit all itemized receipts via the Concur system.


Form Needed:
SAS Travel Subvention Form


English Department Library Research Travel Fund
See here:

Curran Fund for Graduate Travel
See here: