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Graduate Tuition Costs

Ph.D. Program

All admitted Ph.D. students receive 5 years of tuition as part of their Fontaine or Franklin Fellowships. Additionally, many of the fellowships that are internal to Penn include tuition costs in their award. In both cases, tuition is paid directly to the university by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, so students do not need to manage the tuition themselves.

In cases where an external fellowship does not cover tuition or fees, students will need to request a "top-up" of tuition, fees, and possibly health insurance from the Graduate Division. These are not automatically given or always available, so students should work with the Graduate Chair and Graduate Coordinator to make the request as soon as they know that they'll need the top-up.

Students who do not have tuition coverage for their sixth year will be responsible for tuition and fees at the reduced post-5th-year graduate rate. These typically total over $6000 for the year. Exact rates are released each spring for the upcoming year.

More information on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' tuition costs can be found here.

M.A. Program

Terminal M.A. students are responsible for all tuition costs, fees, and health insurance associated with attendance. Tuition figures are released every spring for the upcoming year. Total costs typically total over $60,000 per year.

Health insurance can be waived if the student is already covered under a plan that meets Penn's insurance requirements.

UK citizens are strongly encouraged to apply for the Thouron Award, which supports a master's degree at Penn.