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Graduate Fellowships

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There is no income cap, but any Grad Student request to earn additional income should come from your Graduate Group Chair to the Associate Dean.  Please provide a summary of the work and the amount of time you expect to work.  The Graduate Group Chair will then forward the message to SAS Associate Dean for General Education Jack Nagel with his approval.  Any issues that may arise about additional positions revolves more around the time spent away from your studies, not the amount of money earned (within reason).  If you have more questions on this, please contact the SAS Assistant Director of Financial Management, Tracey Turner, at

International students are urged to contact Anthony Sapanas in the Controller's Office regarding their tax status.  Phone: 215.898.6573


Here is some helpful information about the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which became law September 2006.  If you have federal loans, either for your undergraduate or graduate education, check out the Q&A on the Project Student Debt website:

Payroll and Tax Info


  • Graduate students should be reminded that they will receive their paycheck on the last working day of the month.
  • Payroll forms for both US and Non-US citizens can be printed from the Tax Office's website:
  • Direct deposit of payroll checks is strongly encouraged. Forms can be obtained on the same website indicated above.
  • Graduate students should be informed that the direct deposit form they complete for the Bursar's Office is different from that of the Payroll Office.
  • Hand-drawn checks requests are discouraged. Issuing a hand-drawn check will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In addition, a fee of $25 is imposed by the Payroll Office that is charged to the department/program/center.
  • Taxes are not deducted from non-service fellowships; therefore, non-service fellowship recipients will not receive a W2 form in January. However, the reipient is responsible for reporting the fellowship information on their income tax form, which includes any payments in excess of tuition, fees, books and certain other expenses.
  • Taxes will be deducted from service fellowships (TA, TF, RA, RF); therefore, service fellowship recipients will receive a W2 form in January.
  • W2 forms are mailed to the student's permanent address listed on the payroll system.
  • Address changes can be made directly by the graduate studen via U@Penn
  • Fiscal Year = July-June; Academic Year = September-August.
  • Health insurance coverage is twelve months, from September through August.