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Graduate Good Standing Rules

Good Standing Rules


During the first three years, in order to remain in good standing and hence eligible for financial support, SAS stipulates that a student may carry only one incomplete from the immediately preceeding semester.
See the University-wide policy regarding Incompletes (link below): Fall Incompletes are due by the next August to avoid funding cut off and Spring Incompletes are due by the next December to avoid cut off. (Example: if a student takes an incomplete for a class in Fall 2014, he or she must submit work and receive a grade by August of 2015. If an incomplete remains on the transcript beyond the deadline, funding will be suspended until all work has been submitted and the incomplete has been replaced with a grade.)

To remain in good standing after coursework is complete, students must pass their Field Exam by the last day of Fall term of the third year; they must turn in their Dissertation Proposals by April 15 of their third year and receive GEC approval; and they must have no incompletes by the time they submit their dissertation proposals.

In addition, students who have not completed their dissertation by the end of the sixth year will not automatically be considered in good standing.


Information on the Incomplete Policy can be found here: