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Javits Fellowship

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Some students in the program hold Javits Fellowships. These are four-year U.S. Government fellowships covering partial tuition and a stipend; Penn supplements them so that they cover full tuition, and, for Franklin Fellows and other five-year fellowship holders, adds a sixth year of guaranteed support.

The Javits stipend is paid out over twelve months. The Fellowship may be held while teaching, as long as the teaching is part of the required or usual degree program. It may also be deferred for up to two years; i.e., the four years of Javits funding must be exhausted by the end of six years. Typically, Javits Fellows in the department do a non-service year in the first year, teach as Javits Fellows in year two and year three, and then take the final year of the Javits in year four and then in year five and six you are considered non-service as you will receive the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship.

First-year students are encouraged to apply for the Javits Fellowship. Information and application forms are available at the Graduate Arts and Science Office, 3401 Walnut Street.