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ENGL 768.301
R 12-3 PM

This course will be an intensive study of the work of James Joyce, especially Ulysses. We will read Stephen Hero, Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Giacomo Joyce, Exiles, Ulysses, and an episode of Finnegans Wake. Moreover, we will conclude the course with a series of discussions on different critical/theoretical approaches to Joyce (i.e. Joyce and Psychoanalysis, Joyce and Feminism, Joyce and Marxism, Joyce and Modernism, Joyce and Irish Studies), which other Joyce specialists will be invited to attend. Please note that we will not be reading the poems or the epiphanies, if you would like to read them on your own over the semester break.

Requirements include one eight to ten page paper, one fifteen page paper (on Ulysses), and an oral presentation.


Fulfills 3 & 5 requirements.

fulfills requirements