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Oscar Wilde

ENGL 365.301
TR 9-10:30

Exactly one hundred years after Oscar Wilde's death, his life and work are being discussed and reevaluated with greater honesty and appreciation. In this course, we will read about the famous Wilde trials, discuss the history of criminal laws against homosexuality, and watch the Stephen Fry film about Wilde's life, together with *A Man of No Importance,* the 1994 film about a Wilde-loving Dublin bus driver whose fortunes are plotted against those of his precursor. We will also read a wide sample of Wilde's works, including fairy tales, plays, his one novel, and his criticism. We will also watch two film adaptations of Wilde's work. Finally, we will try to recapture the 1890s context of his life and work by reading some of the work of Wilde's contemporaries. Requirements include one oral presentation, two papers, and a final exam.

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