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Disability Studies

Our group typically meets once a month.  We will often host a speaker, share a faculty member’s or graduate student’s work-in-progress, or discuss a set of pre-circulated readings.  In the spring of 2013, the disability studies reading group helped facilitate the Disability and Modernisms conference, which featured the work of Rachel Adams, Todd Carmody, Janet Lyon, Joseph Valente, and Susan Schweik.  In the past, the disability studies reading group has helped to bring filmmaker Clark Matthews and scholars Margaret Price (Mad At School, 2011), Helen Deutsch (“Defects”: Engendering the Modern Body, 2000), Stephanie Kerschbaum, and Josh Lukin to campus.  

If interested in joining, please feel free to get in touch with Caroline Henze-Gongola (chenze at sas dot upenn dot edu).