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Medievalists@Penn (M@P) is a reading group committed to developing broad interdisciplinary understandings of the Middle Ages. Comprised of graduate students from departments and programs across the School of Arts and Sciences (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Art History among others), M@P meets regularly throughout the semester to discuss primary and secondary readings pre-selected from among our various fields of expertise. Our meetings usually consist of informal presentations by graduate students on material that will be of interest to the broader medievalist community.

We are currently on hiatus. To be added to our listserv and receive notifications of future events, please contact Matt Aiello (maiello [at]

We also hold an annual graduate student conference during the spring semester. The most recent conference, on "Mediocrity," took place on February 22, 2019 (organized by Matt Aiello, Nathalie Lacarrière, and Aylin Malcolm). Previous themes include "Vulnerability" (2018), "Auctoritas" (2017), "Performance" (2016), "The Medieval Archive" (2015), "Visions of Empire" (2014), “Translatio” (2013), “Textual Intercourse: Medieval Appropriations and Appropriations of the Medieval” (2012), and “Mater(ia) Familias: Family Matters” (2011).

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