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Graduate Distribution Requirements


Distribution Requirements


Each doctoral student must at some time take courses that fulfill these six distribution requirements:

(1) One course pre-1700

(2) One course 1700-1900

(3) One course post-1900

(4) One course on literature of the Americas

(5) One course on literature outside the Americas

(6) One course in Minority literature (racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality)

You can count one course toward up to two requirements. (Example: A course on "Race and Empire in Eighteenth Century English Literature" would cover any of the following two distribution requirements: 2, 5, or 6.) The general expectation is that students will take at least two seminars from outside their primary period, national or geographic area, and methodological or theoretical area of study.

In cases where there is uncertainty about the classification of the course (e.g. a course that extends over a long chronological period or a course that is not exclusively devoted to a single minority literature but includes a substantial portion of that literature), the Graduate Chair should be consulted.