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University Policy on Incompletes


(as of October 2005)


For Fall courses: 


February of the following semester:  Notices will be sent advising students about any Incompletes on their records as of February 1. This is simply to finish up the work promptly, or if the work is done, to prod the instructor to submit a grade via CoursesInTouch.

April: Incompletes still remaining as of April 1 will trigger a warning, which will be send during April. You will need to respond to warnings with some urgency.

August: The aid cutoff will be implemented early in August, so that departments have time to replace students who were scheduled to be Teaching Fellows.

For Spring courses: 

June: A similar cycle will be followed, with advisory notices sent in June based on records as of June 1.

October: Warning letters sent based on the October 1 records.

December: Aid cutoffs will be implemented in December based on records as of December 1.

Besides cutoffs of financial aid, Incompletes remaining on a student's record longer than one calendar year will trigger a registration hold.  For example, if you have an Incomplete from Fall 2004 or earlier, you will not be able to register for Spring 2006.

The grace periods built into these timetables are not meant to impose a similar schedule on graduate groups.  For example, a graduate group conducting a qualifications review may consider Incompletes from any  semester (including the most recent) in deciding whether a student should  continue toward the Ph.D.  Similarly, graduate groups or departments may take Incompletes from any semester into account when awarding research or travel funds.