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Nancy Shawcross

Van Pelt Library 601

Nancy Shawcross holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature and has taught courses in the English Department, the Comparative Literature & Literary Theory Program, and the Women’s Studies Program.  Topics include literary theory, women and literature, American literature, and the modern novel.  She is Curator of Manuscripts in the Rare Book & Manuscripts in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Penn, where she is responsible for the acquisition and interpretation of personal papers, literary manuscripts, and other archival documents.  Scholarly publications have centered on photography and literature, theory, and personal narratives.  Forthcoming are two essay: “Image – Memory – Text” in Phototextualities; Intersections of Photography and Narrative” (University of New Mexico Press) and “Counterpoints of View: The American Photo-text, 1935-1948” in ‘Literary Modernism and Photography’ (Greenwood). 

Courses Taught

spring 2007

ENGL 055.401 The 19th Century Novel  
ENGL 460.640 The Art of the Novella  

fall 2006

summer 2006

ENGL 103.910 The Art of the Novella canceled  

spring 2006

ENGL 102.601 The Detective  

summer 2005

fall 2004

spring 2004

ENGL 286.601 Place in America  

fall 2003

summer 2003

spring 2003

fall 2002

ENGL 060.601 Major British Novel  

summer 2002

ENGL 275.920 Topics in the Novel  

spring 2002

fall 2001

ENGL 055.601 19th Century British Novel  

summer 2001

ENGL 286.920 Topics in American Lit.  

spring 2001

fall 2000

ENGL 486.601 American Gothic  

summer 2000

spring 2000

fall 1999

summer 1999

spring 1999

fall 1998

ENGL 090.601 Women & Literature  

spring 1998

ENGL 090.601 Women and Literature  

fall 1997

ENGL 293.401 Writing Down Under  

summer 1997

ENGL 290.900 Women and the Novel  

fall 1996

ENGL 490.601 Unpublished Histories  

summer 1996

ENGL 090.900 Women and Literature  

summer 1995

spring 1995