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Women and the Novel

ENGL 290.900
W 4:30-7:40

This course surveys the works of women novelists writing in English from
 Charlotte Perkins Gilman (born 1860) to Zora Neale Hurston (born 1903).  
 Other novelists may include Edith Wharton, May Sinclair, Henry Handel
 Richardson, Willa Cather, Miles Franklin, Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West,
 and Christina Stead.  We will look at how these authors from Great
 Britain, the United States, and Australia experiment with new themes and
 narrative techniques to create the modern novel of the twentieth
 century.  Course requirements include class attendence and participation;
 a mid-term paper (ca. 7 pages); and a final paper (ca. 12 pages).

fulfills requirements