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Jacob Nielsen


Office Hours

spring 2024

Tuesdays 2-4PM

Please use this Calendly link to schedule a time to meet with me, and use this Zoom link for our meeting.

Jacob Nielsen is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania. He is broadly interested in realism, the nineteenth-century novel (in both English and Spanish), material culture, and the transatlantic economic, aesthetic, and imperial relationship between Great Britain and South America. Jacob graduated from BYU with a BA in International Relations (2017) and MA in English (2019).

As a graduate instructor and Program Assistant for University Writing at BYU, he taught (and mentored others who taught) courses in rhetoric, composition, and social science writing. After graduating in 2019, he was hired as a Visiting Assistant Instructor for the 2019-20 academic year at BYU, where he taught survey courses in British literary history, contemporary world literature, and literary theory. While at Penn, he has taught or TA'ed/graded for courses ranging from Victorian fiction to Shakespeare to contemporary world cinema. He also taught a short writing course in Summer 2023 titled "Place and Belonging" as part of Penn's Pre-First Year Program.

Courses Taught

fall 2024

spring 2024

spring 2022

ENGL 101.204 Shakespeare