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Siegfried Wenzel

Siegfried Wenzel has written widely on medieval vices and virtues as well as on Chaucer, Langland, and many aspects of Middle English literature. Having been a Guggenheim Fellow twice and recipient of fellowships from ACLS and NEH, he has edited several Latin texts with translations (including a Franciscan handbook of preaching material) and recently published Preachers, Poets, and the Early English Lyric.

He serves on advisory boards to several projects in medieval English literature and chairs the Chaucer Library Committee. His research in sermon manuscripts led to a book-length study of macaronic or bilingual texts from late medieval England, which was published in 1994.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Joanne Despres "Translation Techniques in the Romances of William Caxton"
Susan Yager "Visual Perception in Chaucer"


Richard Newhauser "The Image of Avarice in Late Medieval English Literature"


Sharon Hiltz "De Amore et Dilectione Dei Et Proximi Et Aliarum Rerum Et De Forma Vitae"
Grace Geoghegan Wilson "Malory and English Romance"


Judith Shaw "Gower's Art of Adapting tales to the Thematic Structure of the "Confessio Amantis" (Books I-III)"

Courses Taught

fall 1996

ENGL 500.401 Paleography canceled  

spring 1996

ENGL 020.001 Medieval Literature  

fall 1995

ENGL 025.001 Chaucer  
ENGL 525.301 Chaucer: Texts and Contexts  

spring 1995

ENGL 020.001 Medieval English Literature  
ENGL 500.301 Paleography  

fall 1994

ENGL 025.001 Chaucer