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Robert Yongue Turner

Robert Yongue Turner

Emeritus Professor of English, 1961

Robert Turner specializes in Renaissance drama with primary emphasis on Shakespeare.  He received his undergraduate training at Princeton University and his graduate training at the University of Chicago.  He has been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship and a Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, and has published a book on Shakespeare and numerous articles on Shakespeare and other dramatists writing during his lifetime.  Currently he is engaged in research on Jacobean tragicomedies by Shakespeare, Beaumont and Fletcher, Middleton, Webster, and Massinger.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Barbara Riebling "The Drama of Counsel: Advice and Favor on the Tudor Stage"


Jacquelyn Savani "King Lear from the perspective of Ben Jonson's Satire"


Susan Blair "The Comedies of George Chapman: Saturnalian Progress to Self Knowledge"
Bruce Boehrer ""The Promiscuous Crowd": Representations of Incest in the Literature of the English Renaissance"


Sister Nuala Cotter "Thomas Dekker's Professional Skills of Characterization"


Don Z. Block "The Satiric Tragedies of Thomas Middleton"


Russ McDonald "A Study of Ben Jonson's Dependence upon Intrigue Comedy"


Patrick Buckridge "The Playful Drama of John Marston"


Ronald J Palumbo "The Distinctiveness of Marston's Dramatic Satire"
Keith D Slocum "Ben Jonson's dramatic craft: a study of point of view in Jonson's major plays"


George F Freije "The Complex Art of George Chapman: A Study of the Tragedies"

Courses Taught

spring 1996

ENGL 535.301 Ben Jonson  

fall 1995

ENGL 233.301 Renaissance Drama  

spring 1995

ENGL 101.001 Shakespeare  
ENGL 534.301 Jacobean Drama  

fall 1994