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Mark Firmani

Mark Firmani



I am a doctoral candidate in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania and will begin studying for a JD at Yale Law School in 2020 (following a three-year deferral). My dissertation, "Valuing Genre in Post-2003 Iraqi and U.S. Cultural Production," is a critical examination of how U.S.-centric genre fiction labels enable certain kinds of asymmetrical circulation when applied to or/and inhabited by post-2003 Iraqi fiction and film, both in Arabic and in translation.

Other interests include portrayals of artificial intelligence in film, literature, & law; the relationship between law & culture; and decolonial & Marxist theory. 


Published writing:

"Review: Baghdad Noir," Middle Eastern Literatures 21, nos. 2-3 (2018): 260-62.

"At War with Monsters in Postwar Iraqi Literature,Los Angeles Review of Books, February 24, 2018.


Courses Taught

fall 2018