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American Literature to 1870

ENGL 082.001
TR 1:30-3:00

This course will deal with an aspect of the American literature of early colonization (primarily 16th and 17th century), specifically the literature of European-American Indian contact that begins in 1492 with Columbus's invasion of the Americas. We will be comparing the literature of English colonialism in the northeast of North America. Texts for the course will be taken from a list that includes: Columbus's journals, documents produced from the Roanoke voyages of 1584-1590, and the Jamestown settlement of 1607 (including Shakespeare's *The Tempest*); William Bradford's *Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647*; Roger Williams, *A Key in the Language of America*(1643); Mary Rowlandson, *The Sovereignty & Goodness of God*(1682); William Apess's "Eulogy on King Phillip"(1836); *A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison*(1824); Cabeza De Vaca's *Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America(1542); narratives of Coronados invasion(1540) of what would become Arizona and New Mexico; and documents from the Pueblo Indian Revolt, 1680-1696.