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Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Carol Schilling "Imagining Science: Narrative, Discovery, and the Double Helix"


Allyson Booth "Post Cards from the Trenches: Negotiating the Space Between Modernism and the First World War"
Jennifer Green-Lewis "Signs of the Things Taken: Reading, Writing and the Nineteenth-Century Photograph"


Blake Allmendinger "Cowboy Literature"
Alison Byerly "The Magic Web: Representations of Art in 19th Century Fiction"
James Krasner "The Entangled Eye: Perception and Illusion in Post-Darwinian Nature Writing"
Susan Zlotnick "Past and Present: History, Class and Gender in Victorian Factory Novels"


Maribel Molyneaux "Women and Work: On the Margins of the Marketplace"
Athena Vrettos "In Sickness and in Health: Victorian Discourse on Disease"


MaryBeth Inverso "A Coffin Square of Limelight: The "New Gothic" Drama"


Victoria Carchidi "Creation Out of the Void: The Making of a Hero, and Epic, a World: T.E. Lawrence"