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Clinton Williamson


Fisher-Bennett Hall 317

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Clinton Williamson is a PhD Candidate in English at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in 19th and 20th Century American literature. His dissertation, Nebulous Figures: A Cultural History of an American Riotocracy, 1848-1929, looks at the ways in which a so-called lumpenproletariat crafted refusals to work as strategies for restaging value in the latter half of the long 19th Century. Examining a wide range of genres, this project proposes that those living on the margins of wage labor possessed vibrant and complex social networks that in their very resistance to work under capitalism exposed new ways of modelling potential worlds absent its violent drudgery.

He received his B.A. w/ honors in English and Art from Grinnell College in 2013.

Courses Taught

fall 2021

spring 2020

fall 2019

ENGL 053.601 American Novels: 1865-1914  

fall 2018

ENGL 085.601 War and Representation  

fall 2017

spring 2016