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Alan Niles

2016 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Peter Stallybrass
"Making English Memorial Literatures, 1500-1700"

Lecturer, History and Literature department, Harvard University

My interests include early modern theology and religious practice; print, manuscript, and the transmission of texts; book history; and the literature of the British Civil Wars.  Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 I'll be teaching a Writing Seminar on Milton's Paradise Lost.


Curriculum Vitae

B.A. Swarthmore College (2006)


Courses Taught

spring 2016

ENGL 020.301 Literature Before 1660  
ENGL 102.602 Utopia/Dystopia  

fall 2015

ENGL 101.601 Shakespeare  

summer 2014

ENGL 101.910 Shakespeare canceled  

fall 2010

ENGL 101.205 Shakespeare Recitation