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UAB Hosts Winter Reading Project 2024: The Candy House with Jennifer Egan!

On January 23, 2024, the English Undergraduate Advisory Board hosted the annual Winter Reading Project (WRP).

This year's book selection was Jennifer Egan's The Candy House (New York Times top 10 books of 2022; President Obama’s Favorite Books of 2022). Students picked up free copies of the novel in December, read it over winter break, and attended the live discussion panel this week.

A particularly special event, this year's WRP featured the Pulitzer Prize-Winning author herself, along with an esteemed panel, including Prof. Kathleen DeMarco Van Cleve, Prof. James English, and Penn English submatriculant Armie Chardiet. Introductions and Q&A were moderated by Penn English majors Emma Halper (UAB Co-Chair) and Alan Zhang.

Pictured above: Jennifer Egan with Emma Halper and Alan Zhang.


Pictured above: Panelists in front of the audience in the Rooftop Lounge of Harrison Hall.