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From video: Emily Steiner and Aylin Malcolm in academic office in front of bookcases hold up four white posters with 11 hand-lettered words written in  bright-colored marker

Emily Steiner and Aylin Malcolm featured in Omnia

Emily Steiner, Professor of English, and doctoral student Aylin Malcolm are featured in Omnia: All Things Penn Arts & Sciences's article and video "A Medieval Minute." Steiner and Malcolm collaborated on a 60-second lecture, sponsored by the School of Arts and Sciences, featuring some of their favorite Middle English words. The lecture was planned around obsolete words that were popular six-hundred years ago with the help of Twitter, using Steiner's account @PiersatPenn and the hashtag #medievaltwitter. The 60-second lecture was about elections, with the 2018 midterm elections in mind, and featured two voters debating various candidates with medieval names.