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  • Friday, February 2, 2024 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Van Pelt Library, Class of 1978 Pavillion (6th floor)

Welcome, 1:00-1:05
Ada Kuskowski (Penn)

Plenary, 1:05-2:00pm  
Anne Lester (Johns Hopkins) & Laura Morreale (Independent Scholar), “Life and Death in Crusader Acre: Collaborations across the Account-Inventory of Eudes of Nevers (1266)”  

Panel 1, 2:00-3:25pm
Moderator:  Helmut Reimitz (Princeton)
Caz Batten (Penn) “Constructing the Feather Cloak: Disability, Masculinity, and the Prosthetics of Weland the Smith”  
Elizabeth Urban (WCUPA) – “Unfree Women in Early Islamic Historical Narratives: A Genre Analysis”  
Hartley Lachter (Lehigh), “Supernal Archons of the Nations: Christianity and Islam in Medieval Kabbalistic Theosophy”   

Panel 2, 3:35-5pm  
Moderator:  Elly Truitt (Penn)
Sarah Davis-Secord (IAS/UNM), “Muslim-Christian Encounters in the Italo-Greek Saints Lives”
Alicia Walker (Bryn Mawr), “Ethical Formation and the Byzantine Viewer: Navigating between the Classical and the Christian”   
Samantha Kelly (Rutgers), “Negotiating Religious Diversity: Ethiopian Orthodox in Renaissance Rome”  

 Reception, 5-6pm