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  • Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Faculty Lounge (room 135) Fisher-Bennett Hall

Lance Wildorf is a 2013 alum and Penn English major who used to write for the Punch Bowl. Now he works as an early employee at Lynxsy, a New York startup.

Lynxsy is a platform that connects recent graduates with non-technical jobs at other high-growth startups. Every day Lance speaks with both recent grads looking for work and the hiring managers looking to employ them.

He is going to talk to you about:

1) What startup jobs are out there for liberal arts graduates and how to find them.
2) What it means to be a recent graduate in this economy.
3) What skills/personality traits hiring managers want to see.
4) What sort of internships are actually valuable and how to spin ones that aren't valuable.
5) How to write a resume (He'll even look at your resume and tell you what you should change!).
6) What to say during interviews and how to handle "trick" questions.
7) How not to panic if you don't have a job by October of senior year (or even May of senior year!...Or even the August after you graduate!)
8) Any questions you have on life after Penn or looking for jobs in general.

Lance remembers going to a bunch of really stodgy careerish presentations while at Penn and he wants to make this more of a conversation. If he does this right, you'll actually understand how to get a job when you graduate, which he thinks is pretty cool!