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Writing Center Theory and Practice

ENGL 3180.402
also offered as: WRIT 1380
TR 10:15-11:44am

This course is intended for capable writers who possess the maturity and temperament to work successfully as peer tutors at Penn.

Only students who have already completed the writing requirement may enroll in this course. The objective of this course is to prepare you to be a writing tutor. This course will advance your knowledge of writing, the field of writing studies, and how to teach and learn advanced writing skills. You will read and research a range of topics and use a variety of teaching and learning strategies: collaborative work, one-on-one peer-review; individual conferences and feedback; presentations and role-playing and, of course, writing. Another emphasis of the course is on refining your explanatory skills, from organizing your thoughts to speaking succinctly. Our course meets twice weekly, along with some hours outside of class to shadow experienced tutors as well as to do some practice tutoring yourselves.

Special Permission required for registration

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