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Fantasy Dreams and Madness

ENGL 079.401
also offered as: NELC 159, COML 282, CIMS 159, JWST 154
TR 1:30-3

This course follows and analyzes the transformations in Israeli literature and
cinema.  The focus and the specific topic of the study changes from semester
to semester.  Topics include: The Holocaust; The Image of Childhood; Dream,
Fantasy and Madness; Love and War; The Many Voices of Israel; The Image of the
City; and other topics.  While Israeli works constitute much of the course's
material, European and American film and fiction play comparative roles.  5-6
film screenings per semester; The content of this course changes from semester
to semester, and therefore, students may take it for credit more than once.
This topic course explores aspects of Hebrew Literature, Film, and Culture.

fulfills requirements