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Poetry Writing Workshop

ENGL 113.601
R 5-7:40

This course is for writers with some experience, academic or otherwise, in writing poetry. The work will include reading (both poetry and prose about poetry) and writing (both poems and prose commentaries). Weekly assignments will vary from the well-defined to the completely open. You will be asked to acquire some mastery of rhythm and meter; the extent to which you use that skill will ultimately be your choice. Readings will be taken from *Poetic Design* by Stephen Adams, from an anthology of contemporary American poetry, and from *Claims for Poetry*, a collection of essays on poetics. Since the course is a workshop, you must attend regularly and participate actively.

Students wishing to apply for the class should send five poems to Deborah Burnham either by email, by mail to 120 Logan Hall, 249 S 36th St, Phila 19104-6304, or to my mailbox in 119 Bennett Hall.

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