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The Language of Care

Stories from the Penn Medicine Listening Lab

Penn Medicine Academy, Slought Foundation, and Health Ecologies Lab, Philadelphia

Aaron Levy, Stephanie Kindt, & Teya Sepinuck, Eds.


Storytelling / Narrative Medicine / Organizational Transformation

As a gathering place for stories from across Penn Medicine, the Listening Lab affirms and celebrates listening as essential to the work of healing. This book is a compilation of stories recorded for the Listening Lab by patients, caregivers, staff, and providers at the front lines of caregiving.These stories have the capacity to change how we address some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges around communication and connection. The simple act of listening has the potential to heal broken places within us and offers a radical possibility for healing to occur within healthcare and society as a whole.

ISBN 978-1-936994-1-13 (Paperback ISBN) | ISBN 978-1-936994-1-20 (Ebook ISBN)

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