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Nancy Hoffman

Nancy Everill Hoffmann

Received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in American Civilization. Her dissertation on William Bartram’s draft manuscript for Travels (1791) has led to a continuing interest in natural history subjects both in teaching and book publication. An edited volume of articles, based on a symposium she organized at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, in 1999, will be published (American Philosophical Society, 2004) as America’s Curious Botanist: John Bartram, 1699-1777. A second volume of essays about the unpublished correspondence and private diaries of William William Bartram is currently being edited for publication. Dr. Hoffmann has an interest in film and has taught several writing courses using texts and films to understand the cultural context of this art.

Courses Taught

fall 2002

ENGL 010.301 Short Fiction and Memior