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Judith Brown

Judith Brown received her M.A. from McGill University and her Ph.D. from Tufts University in 2002.  She has taught at Brown University, and has been on the faculty of Indiana University since 2003.  Her areas of interest include modernism, aesthetics, and theories of race, gender and sexuality.  Her book manuscript, Glamour in 6 Dimensions, claims that glamour is a formal category and experiential site of consumer desire, fantasy, sexuality, class and racial identity, and thus uniquely frames the pleasures that drive the literary works of modernism.  She has published in journals such as Modernism/modernity and Modernist Cultures.

Courses Taught

spring 2008

ENGL 016.302 Modern Primitivism  

fall 2007

ENGL 016.304 Origins and Originality