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Alec Sokolow

Alec Sokolow was born in New York City in 1963, and graduated from Penn with a B.A. in Communications (1985) and four varsity letters playing squash on the Penn team. His first paying writing job was as a contributor to National Lampoon Magazine, and later went on to be a staff writer and segment producer on The Late Show (1987), The Wilton North Report (1988) and The Arsenio Hall Show (1988-89). He is author or co-author of 47 screenplays including Toy Story, (Academy Award nomination for screenwriting), Money Talks, Goodbye Lover, Cheaper By the Dozen, and Garfield, five TV pilot teleplays, one musical play, Monkey Love, a children's book, The Outcastics, and one low budget monster musical, Frankenstein Sings!

Courses Taught

fall 2006

ENGL 130.402 Advanced Screenwriting