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Spring 2024 Undergraduate Award Winners Announced

At the 2023–24 End-of-Year Party, Professor Jean-Christophe Cloutier announced the Department of English Undergraduate Award Winners to students, faculty, and staff assembled in Fisher-Bennett Hall's Judith Rodin Undergraduate English Lounge.

Congratulations to the winners and to all of our graduating English majors and minors!


College Alumni Society Henry Reed Prize, for the best essay written by an undergraduate on the literature of the English Renaissance

Winner: Samara Himmelfarb, “A Woman Who is not Eminently Good: the Tragedy of Eve in Paradise Lost


Diane Hunter First-Year English Prize, for outstanding work in an English course by a first-year student

Aiden Argueta

Jett Bolker

Tasnim Chelbi

Madison Kneir

Ashwin Laksumanage

Sarah Jane Leonard

Michelle Lu

Nathalie Mejia

Chloe Norman

Poppy Wagner


Dosoretz Family Prize

Winner: Elizabeth Shuert, “The Untranslatable: Philosophies of Language in Se questo e un uomo and The Divine Comedy


L. Barry Pick Prize, awarded for the best thesis assembled by a student in the English Honors Program

Winner: Cagney Kelshaw, “Dweorgas and Dvergir: Disease, Disorder, and Deviance in Old English and Norse Literature” 


Nancy Rafetto Leach Sweeten Prize, for the best undergraduate essay on American literature

Winner: Paola Naughton, “Civil is Uncivil”

Honorable Mention: Celine Choi, “The Perils of the Acculturation Gap: How Asian American Childhoods are Weaponized in the Neoliberal Racial Project”


Phillip E. Goldfein Class of 1934 Shakespeare Prize, for the best undergraduate essay on Shakespeare

Winner: Weike Li, “Surrender of Fictionality to Forfeiture of Writerly Will”


Rittenberg Prize and Flag Bearer

Winner: Jean Paik


Best Undergraduate Student Service Award

Co-Winner: Sabrina Cho

Co-Winner: Jenny Fu