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The Short Film: Writing, Producing, Directing

ENGL 3609.401
also offered as: CIMS 1180
Wednesday 1:45-4:44pm

In this class students will write and prepare a short film for production with the INTENT to direct it. The first half of class is devoted to coming up with an idea and writing a short film with a total run time of around 8-12 minutes. This is the ideal length for a short. The second half of the class is devoted to preparing to shoot the film which will include scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing up, location scouting and creating a directorial look book for the film. At the end of class each student will have a short film script and all the necessary materials to start production of that film. The below documents are required to pass the class and presented as one all inclusive PDF document at the end of the semester

English Major Requirements
English Concentration Attributes
College Attributes
Additional Attributes