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Essays, Fragments, Collage: The Art of the Moment

ENGL 135.302
T 1:45-4:45pm

Memory arrives in fragments. Truth erupts; it finds us. A button on a sweater flashes us back to a day of gift giving. A childhood book recalls the one who read the tale out loud. In this class we’ll explore the moments of our lives through prompts that range from the tactile to the auditory, the documented to the whispered. We’ll produce and share, each week, miniature essays. We’ll create, as a final product, a curated memoir-in-essays. We’ll take inspiration from writers such as Sonja Livingston, Arisa White, Charles D’Ambrosio, Sallie Tisdale, Terrence Des Pres, Durga Chew-Bose, Scott Russell Sanders, Helen Garner, and Marc Hamer. We’ll host at least one important essayist.

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