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The Contemporary Graphic Novel

ENGL 364.301
R 1:30-3pm

Course Online: Synchronous and Asynchronous Components


In 2019, graphic novel sales in the United States grew by over 16%, a jump from five percent the previous year. In fact, the overall market sales of graphic novels have steadily increased yearly in the new millennium, with sales in 2019 topping $1.2 billion, an all-time high. Comics are undeniably one of the greatest publishing success stories of the digital age—and the graphic novel’s increasing popularity has come hand-in-hand with its growing legitimacy as literature and in academia. Comics are also the source material for some of the most dominant pop cultural productions of the past two decades (think Marvel Studios or Batman, or even The Old Guard, 300, History of Violence, Kill Bill, Ghost World, American Splendor, so many others). Their steady growth in publishing further suggests that contemporary comics and graphic novels are now a crucial vehicle for the dissemination of literature and culture writ large. In this seminar, we will read a series of recent graphic novels—all of our texts were released in the last ten years (2010-2020)—and will undertake a global journey through the latest, most innovative, and diverse voices working in comics today.Our reading list will include recent comics gems from a variety of nations and traditions, and assignments will include discussion posts, a book review, a brief report on a living comics creator, and a final paper on a contemporary graphic novel of your choosing.


This course has no prerequisites and there is no expectation that you have any expertise in comics or graphic novels.  If you enjoy reading comics and/or manga and want to unlock more of their secrets, then this course is for you.


In Spring 2021, the course will be conducted remotely and will include a mix of asynchronous content and synchronous meetings.

fulfills requirements
Sector 6: 20th Century Literature of the Standard Major