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Provocative Performance

ENGL 303.401
also offered as: THAR 279, GSWS 279
Monday 7-9:00pm

What is feminist theatre?  How do artists use live performance to provoke not only thought and feeling, but also social, personal, and political change? This course will examine a wide array of plays and performances by and about women; these pieces are, in turn, serious, hilarious, outrageous, poignant—and always provocative. Our focus will be on English-language works from the late twentieth century to the present moment. We will read these performance texts and/or view them on screen; we will also read essays that provide contextual background on feminist theatre history and theory. Throughout the semester, we will engage diverse material at the intersections of women and race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and gender identities. Students will have the opportunity to pursue research on areas in which they develop interest and potentially to create their own performances. The class will also feature visits from guest artists/speakers.

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