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Apocalypse/Anthropocene cancelled

ENGL 268.301
TR 1:30-3pm

In this class we will explore the narrative mode of the apocalypse in the context of the geologic designation of the Anthropocene. We will analyze a diversity of cultural forms to think about questions, reconceptions, and social issues relevant to that epochal concept. Specifically, we will focus primarily on the ways North American literature (especially the novel, but also film, poetry, and video games) attempt to understand the “era of the human” through stories of apocalypse. We will look to the ways apocalyptic stories can represent and contest the exploitative, extractive, and unequal power relations that the Anthropocene includes, paying special attention to American notions of nature and stewardship as they relate to geologic time, climate change, and the legacies of genocide, slavery, colonialism, and capitalism. Our class will investigate the ways works of art attempt to render these complex and perhaps overwhelming concepts comprehensible so that we may envision and enact just futures.

fulfills requirements
Elective Seminar of the Standard Major
Sector 1: Theory and Poetics of the Standard Major
Sector 6: 20th Century Literature of the Standard Major