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Jane Austen and Adaptation

ENGL 101.401
also offered as: GSWS 101.401
MW 10-11, F 10-11 for recitation

At once acutely aware of popular culture and a product of it, Jane Austen adapted and read many popular forms, from Gothic horror to raucous satire to popular theater. She also was acutely interested in what it meant to move across media, and as a result her characters engage not only with ballrooms and playhouses but also with music, dance, painting, landscape, and theaters of war. In our seminar, therefore, we'll begin by reading some of Austen's sources before moving on to her fiction and to the myriad of adaptations that have been made of her work since 1995. We'll read at least six of Austen's novels, as well as a bit of her correspondence. We will also sample widely in the strange and wild world of prequels, sequels, and other literary tributes. Certainly we will engage several of the films, not to mention mash-ups, comics, video and board games, choose-your-own adventure books, tarot cards, social media sites.

This course is an ideal introduction to English at Penn, whether you are thinking of majoring or just looking to take a course or two. It’s also proven a lovely way for seniors to close out their studies. Required work: short writing assignments and 2-3 essays.


Please see below for TA contact and office assignment per recitation:


ENGL 101.402  Cassidy Holahan (  FBH 325


ENGL 101.403  Kirsten S. Lee ( FBH 237


ENGL 101.404 Dixon Li ( FBH 331


ENGL 101.405 Alexander Millen ( FBH 225


ENGL 101.406 Jane R. Mize ( FBH 225



fulfills requirements
Sector III: Arts & Letters of the College's General Education Curriculum