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Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction

ENGL 010.303
T 1:30-4:30

This workshop-style course will serve as an introduction to writing short fiction and poetry. Students will craft their own original pieces in this community-based classroom, where we will read and comment on each other’s work as well as on the work of contemporary writers. Course requirements include thoughtful and committed class participation, regular writing assignments, and a final portfolio of fiction and poetry. Over the semester, we will also draw upon the Kislak Center’s unique collection of writers’ manuscripts to inspire the creation of our own new work and learn about the writer’s process. Alongside viewings of manuscripts in various stages of editing and revision, we will engage in discussions and writing experiments designed to spark original thinking, develop facility with writing, and enhance understanding of your creative process. By the end of the course, you will have created a portfolio of your own work and expanded your knowledge of diverse approaches to creative writing.