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Writing and Performance

ENGL 119.301
Monday 2–5:00

Writers are creatures of awareness, receptive beings who embody transition. Part of allowing the creative process its chance for reception is to encourage that initial creative trigger into transition, to align our natural trilingual voice—our speaking-seeing-hearing voice—with a lateral extension of the ground we claim. We can empower amazement when we open space for the transformative roar that defines our human expression. This course will use performance, movement, and sensory exercises to allow the body its place in writing. The course is structured as a creative laboratory in which the senses can meet each other, a reintroduction of brain to language where the writing process can begin. At the tip of the iceberg we have: theater exercises, sound and visual collage, seismic crayolas, in-class raw writing and crit, Russian Futurism, the Alexander Technique, and studies of Richard Foreman, Juliana Spahr, Willie Colón, and others. The student who travels the open field will find a home here.  

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