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The Diary

ENGL 076.601
also offered as: COML 128, GSWS 128
Wednesday 5:30-8:30

Diary writing is an intimate mode of expression in which the individual seeks to find meaning in their personal lives and relations, responding to the external realities in which they live. Their writing is subjected to their historical, educational and social contexts, to available technologies and to the generic conventions of diary writing.  We will study such relations in the course.  The course explores the diary's historical development and theories and selected individual diaries and corpuses.  It analyzes travel and personal diaries from around the world, diaries on line, diaries in historical research, in psychotherapy, and in global political conflicts.  Finally, the course examines the diary fiction, in critical (literary theory) and creative perspectives. To experience diary research firsthand, students will examine and analyze "from scratch" diary manuscripts in the Van Pelt (and affiliates) diary collection archives.  They will also write then compare and contrast paper diaries and online diaries and blogs.

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