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Women and Theatre: Provocative Performance

ENGL 356.401
TR 3-4:30 pm

What is “feminist theatre?” This course will examine a wide array of performance pieces by and about women, in turn serious, hilarious, outrageous, poignant—and always provocative. How can theatre provoke not only thought and feeling, but also social, political, and personal change?

We will focus on both plays and performance art pieces, which we will read and/or view onstage or on film. These readings/viewings will be contextualized with material on feminist theatre theory and history. Students will have the opportunity to customize research projects to pursue their own areas of interest. The class will also take full advantage of events occurring on campus and in Philadelphia during the course of the semester. Highlights will include the LiveArts Festival in late summer; the class will also feature invited guest speakers and artists.


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