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Screenwriting (Online Course)

ENGL 116.935

As much of CINE 116 // Screenwriting is a workshop, the online version would follow a similar course schedule for the 6-week summer session during which students will be required to complete and revise the first thirty pages of a feature-length screenplay. In place of my introductory lectures on story and cinema, I will work with Jackie Candido of the Online Learning and Digital Engagement department to craft an interactive presentation (something like Powerpoint, but using their preferred interface) that would allow students to access a multimedia version of my lecture that includes sample text, images, and audio and video clips that I utilize in the presentation. In place of in-class discussions, I would assign additional, short reaction papers to encourage participation.

For the workshop component of the course, submissions will be uploaded to unique discussion threads. Each student in the class will have a fixed window of time to read and respond to each submission. The student presenting work may wish to continue a specific discussion point with comments or questions which could potentially allow for a less linear and more robust workshop exchange. I will contribute to the thread in an effort to encourage discussion and keep it productive, and I will conclude each discussion with my own reaction and feedback. Though we would, of course, lose the spontaneity of an in-class discussion, the online version would offer more time for reflection and may encourage student discussions about work beyond the confines of the course.

In addition to two rounds of workshop for each student, I have found great value in mid-term one-one-one meetings. These meetings will be conducted through video, audio, or text chat. I would like to work with Jackie Candido to consider the pros and cons of each format. The final grade will be a cumulative assessment of student performance over the course of the term, factoring in all assignments, participation in discussion threads, and progress made in the revision of thirty screenplay pages.


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