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Word and Image

ENGL 102.920

Do you like glossy magazines or comic books?  Have
you ever wondered what makes these forms of entertainment so popular
and effective? Then come join us in Word and Image, where we explore
the many functions of illustration in the act of reading and in the
cultural reception of literary texts, examining the complex
relationship between word and image from illuminated manuscripts to
graphic novels. This course will give you a chance to work with modern
“imagetexts” as well as with illustrated texts that are hundreds of
years old while figuring out what techniques and materials are used
for their dissemination and physical appeal. Along the way, we will
address how the illustrations and decorations affect the cultural
impact of a text and discuss the materials, techniques, and physical
processes involved in their creation. Assignments will include two
short papers, an in-class presentation, and a creative final project.


**Fulfills the Arts and Letters Sector Requirement

fulfills requirements