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Poetry and Poetic: Writing Practice of the Avant-Garde

ENGL 111.301

In this writing workshop we will take cues from the most exciting hybrid poetries by contemporary poets. Like Lila Zemborain, we will tell our story in one ever-expansive sentence, circling back and folding in toward closer examination. Like kari edwards, Carla Harryman and Leslie Scalapino we will write works notable for their quick quotidian movement and complex intellectual and emotional register. Like Rachel Zolf, M. Norbese Philip and Tisa Bryant we will cull language, image and thinking from multiple outside sources as a method in which one may both complicate and maintain an ethical position. And like Dodie Bellamy, Robert Glück and Etel Adnan we will tell it as it is, in straightforward and deeply intelligent prose. We will practice approaching our writing through a variety of ‘other’ fields such as science, philosophy and visual art. As a part of this workshop, students will edit and amplify each others’ work through publication and performance. Additionally, some of the authors we read will be visiting the campus for lunch talks and after-class visits.

fulfills requirements
Elective Seminar of the Standard Major