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Nonfiction Writing: Special Projects

ENGL 169.301
T 1:30-4:30

A course of limited enrollment and by permission only, for those advanced nonfiction writers who already may have written an extended piece of nonfiction, but who wish to focus on tone and style appropriate to subject matter, paying even closer attention to the smallest sentences, their rhythm and pitch as they contribute to the whole.  Students will work closely with the instructor in preparing their work for publication, and, at semester's end, will submit their pieces to appropriate journals.  The course is designed to introduce students to the life of the professional writer, the nuts and bolts of seeing a piece of writing through to its end.  Inquires may be emailed to Professor Hendrickson at  Students should submit writing samples to P. Hendrickson (they can slide them under the door of Fisher-Bennett 234; no electronic samples, please), and include email and phone and last four digits of Social. 

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