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British Poetry and Painting

ENGL 040.950
TR 9-11:00
Penn-in-London Program: June 24 to July 28, 2006

Fulfills Distribution Requirement III: Arts & Letters, the English 20/40 requirement for the English Minor, and Sector I of the Core Requirement of the English Major. This course will explore how British poetry changed as London changed. We will begin with the poetry of John Dryden, Anne Finch, Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, before moving from Thomas Gray through major Romantic writers like Blake, Wordsworth, and Shelley, and then ending with Victorian and pre-Raphaelite poets Robert Browning, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Christina Rossetti. As this is a five-week accelerated course, we'll coordinate our readings with on-site visits to St. Paul's and the Monument, to London art collections like the Tate and National Gallery, to graveyards like Highgate Cemetery, and to bazaars like Bartholomew Fair or the British Museum (Another kind of bazaar). Our goal will be to survey how British poetry in relation to other accompanying art forms--particularly landscape, historical, and Pre-Raphaelite painting, but also music and theater as well.

fulfills requirements